Day-to-Day Literature Management

QUOSA can reduce a job of collecting and reviewing a group of 40 full-articles from a half-day´s work to 1 hour. Here´s how:
Search directly on Ovid, PubMed, Google Scholar, etc. in their interface, exactly like you do today. No new search interface to master
Full-article retrieval on Ovid, PubMed, Google Scholar, etc. searches: one-click gets all of the full-article PDF´s you want from your search, in seconds, and saves them on your computer. Automatically integrates the e-journal subscriptions at your institution. Even integrates your personal subscriptions.
Article Review: Once you have retrieved a set of articles and/or abstracts, you can immediately review them either by going down the list of articles or clicking on one in the list.
These articles will already be highlighted with the search terms you used . A "Document Summary" pane allows you to go directly to passages of interest in the full text.
QUOSA´s OnPoint™ Highlighting System allows you to re-highlight with any terms you wish. Then re-use Document Summary for one-click scrolling to the most relevant sections within articles;
Sync & Link™ your full-articles with your EndNote® / Reference Manager® / ProCite®/RefWorks®  : QUOSA automatically creates a record in EndNote etc., complete with a URL linking to the full-article saved on your computer
Searching In Full-Text-SIFT™ offers full Boolean and proximity searching across all the retrieved full-articles on full-text, specific fields, or your own annotations.
Get automatic Alerts on your Searches: you decide frequency, unlimited number of queries, notification within QUOSA or via email.
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